Young At Heart Ghana on the launch of Ananse The Teacher App

Young At Heart Ghana on the launch of Ananse The Teacher App
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The quest to empower a future of innovative and solution-oriented citizenry remains a key objective of most, if not all, countries. This objective has over the years emphasised the need to pay particular attention to the teaching and learning of subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). In Ghana and many other countries, students have struggled with grasping and understanding these, evidenced by the poor rates of passes in subjects like Science and Mathematics which is an annual concern raised after results of the Basic Education Certificate Examination are released.

One of the proposed ways in addressing this concern has been to;

“To take the teaching and learning of these subjects beyond the context of the classroom and translate them into exciting everyday things students see around them.”
– Prof. Anamuah-Mensah – EDUIT Consortium

Young at Heart Ghana is a tech non-profit that has boldly taken on the challenge of advancing the study of (S.T.E.A.M) lessons beyond the classroom to relatable everyday experiences at home. By leveraging the rising penetration of smart technology, Young At Heart Ghana has championed the development of Ananse The Teacher App, a mobile app that uses local stories and gaming concepts to promote the teaching and learning of practical STEAM lessons.

Ananse The Teacher App

In Ananse The Teacher App, Ananse the hero of local folklore returns as a Teacher teaching S.T.E.A.M lessons and activities which are built into the stories featured on the App. Users are then guided to conduct practical activities, using everyday materials. With this approach users are able to view their world as an exploratory hub waiting to be discovered.

‘Captain Sticky’ teaching users about the different food groups and encouraging agriculture

The App also offers a range of other features including; games that teach and encourage positive environmental behaviour like recycling as well as culture and tourism cards that teach elements of art, history and social studies.

Ananse The Teacher App – An engaging platform for learning

Responding on what the motivation for the developing the app is, Josephine Marie, Founding Director at Young at Heart Gh responded saying;

“For the longest time, Ghanaian students, especially in basic school, have experienced an obvious disconnection between the things we are taught in class and our experiences of everyday life. It is important for students to relate to key subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M), and what better way to do this than to use story telling games and everyday materials as a mechanism.”

Interacting with Ananse The Teacher App translates to an all encompassing gamified encounter that presents an engaged learning experience going beyond the classroom. S.T.E.A.M principles no longer become abstract but easy to relate to and interact with. The App is available for free on both IOS and Android platforms and has attracted over 3000 engagements and counting. Download Ananse The Teacher App now!

Partners: GhScientific, CommsAid , GhanaThink Foundation and NSBE.