Codeavour 2019 | Pictoblox Programming Contest for Kids

Codeavour 2019 | Pictoblox Programming Contest for Kids
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Codeavour is an international online programming contest for kids to unlock their potential and come up with innovative ways to achieve a goal among the 17 global sustainable development goals set by the United Nations General Assembly for 2030 by creating a project in PictoBlox – a graphical programming software based on Scratch.

The aim of the contest is to encourage kids to develop an interest in STEM, especially programming, and develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication – the four C’s of the 21st century skills – along with becoming sensitive towards the well being of the world.

Why participate?

Looking at the way the world is progressing towards a technology-driven future, knowing how to code is an extremely useful skill to have. At the same time, one must be equally aware of and sensitive towards what’s happening in the world and do their bit, be it big or small, for making it a better place to live in for us and for the generations to come.

Participating in this contest would:

  • Help kids learn to program the fun way with PictoBlox by offering a first-hand experience
  • Help develop cognitive abilities and learn a methodical problem-solving process
  • Sensitize kids towards the world problems and encourage them to solve them

How to participate

  1. Register yourself or your team with us to participate in the contest. Make sure you have gone through the guidelines before registering!
  2. Prepare for the contest: It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to code. Our interactive lessons will cover that for you. All you need to enter is passion.
  3. Submit your project: Choose your preferred SDG(s), brainstorm with your teammates, and come up with an innovative way to achieve them.
  4. Download your certificate of participation: No matter how big or small your project, it deserves appreciation and so do you. Once you submit it, you will be awarded a digital certificate.

The winner will be selected from each age group who will win the evive Starter Kit! The next top 5 projects will also win exciting prizes!

Submission deadline: 30 September 2019.