The Dip – My Tech Internship Experience at Flippy Campus

The Dip – My Tech Internship Experience at Flippy Campus
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The dip – this is how I’d describe my internship experience. A dip into the pool of technology, and experiencing a blend of what technology can be used for, and how it is being used to improve Ghana. 

I interned with Flippy Campus, a startup company and mobile application built by a group of young Ghanaians.

Flippy Campus

Flippy Campus

The application helps students on various campuses to obtain and share information easily.


Flippy Campus App (Photo Source:

It allows students to join specific ‘digital’ notice boards from their campuses and obtain minute-by-minute updates of information posted on these notice boards. Students can also access their timetables, get reminders for interim assessments (IAs) and examinations via the app.

Flippy Campus belongs to a cohort of other startup companies at Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST). These startups use various programming languages to develop efficient software. 

Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology

Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology

It was beautiful to see individual startup owners nurse their companies like mothers nursing babies.

The desire to see their companies grow was strong. They were almost always at work improving user experience of their applications. The passion with which they worked is truly beyond words. 

Programming takes a whole lot of practice, determination and perseverance. One of the most satisfying aspects of programming is your code running with no errors – it’s all jubilation!

The guys at MEST are solidly in support of women in technology. 

With Gideon Adjekum - CTO, Flippy Campus

With Gideon Adjekum – CTO, Flippy Campus

I believe there is no gender limit in technology. We need to realize the potential that exists in women to contribute to the world of technology. Women are creative problem-solvers, and have the drive and ability to push technology wherever they find themselves.

Naa is a final year student at the University of Ghana studying Computer Science. She believes women in STEM can change the world.