Meeting Farida Bedwei

Meeting Farida Bedwei
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Farida Bedwei, a renowned Ghanaian software engineer who, despite her challenge – which she overcomes beautifully, has risen to become one of the most successful female engineers and entrepreneurs in Africa.


“Born in 1979, Bedwei was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of one – cerebral palsy is an incurable neurological disorder that affects body movement and muscle coordination but does not interfere with the ability to learn. Bedwei has steadfastly refused to let her disability affect her career trajectory. Today, as the co-founder and chief technical officer of software company Logiciel, she is considered one of the most powerful women in financial technology on the continent – in 2013, South Africa’s CEO Magazine named Bedwei the most influential woman in business and government in Africa for the financial sector.”


With Farida Bedwei at the African Entrepreneurs Hub

Speaking at the African Entrepreneurs Hub, Farida mentioned her desire to solve problems using technology. Knowing that people’s needs are met by using what she creates is really what keeps her going.

One thing that struck me about Farida is her confidence. Her confidence inspires!

Read more about her here.

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