Qwiqspace – The new experience for booking event venues in Ghana

Qwiqspace – The new experience for booking event venues in Ghana
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Finding it difficult to secure a venue for your event? Worry no more. Qwiqspace Technologies Limited, a tech company based in Ghana has come up with a solution called Qwiqspace; a platform that allows you to browse and book event venues with ease in Ghana.

The company, run by Ghanaian tech enthusiast, Elorm Esi Abusah, launched in Ghana recently after having graduated from Accra’s chapter of the Silicon Valley’s Founder Institute accelerator program in 2018.

Elorm Esi Abusah

Our interview with Elorm Esi Abusah:

  • You seem very passionate about technology. What inspires this?

“The reason for my passion for technology is simple. “If things can be done faster, with less human power, and more so, save time, that’s something definitely worth looking into.” My inspiration for technology stemmed from the fact that human lives could get easier and better, and I began to become obsessed with the idea of being among the creators and builders of these things.”

  • Tell us more about your latest project Qwiqspace.

“Qwiqspace is a web platform my team and I created to make finding and booking event venues easy, starting from Ghana. Having worked in the corporate sector for two years, I realised one common problem when it comes to companies and individuals organising events. Aside event logistics which always take a long time to figure out, where to organise events is often an endless discussion. With a thousand and one venues scattered across the capital and other cities, it becomes extremely difficult when one has to settle on a particular venue, especially within a limited time and budget. Reason being that there are usually a lot of unanswered questions about the venue’s capacity, price, and facilities available, its availability for the event date, and location. I founded Qwiqspace to address this challenge. An all in one place where people can find, compare and book event venues online.”

  • How is technology changing the event business landscape in Ghana?

“I’d say, technology is gradually making the event business less stressful, especially with the launch of web apps like Qwiqspace. However, there is still a huge gap to be filled. Even with the availability of the internet, a huge number of event businesses are not online, making it difficult to discover them. A few are using Instagram and Facebook to their advantage. But there is still more room for improvement, and I am looking forward to a lot more innovations in the sector.”

  • What one thing would you like to see changed in  Ghana?

“Our educational system. I believe the success of a nation is first possible when its citizens have the right mindset and attitude. Unfortunately, our current educational system is highly focused on academic learning and excellence, rather than on intellect. We need more intellectuals to think, ask questions, challenge norms, “break rules”, critically analyse and then act. Let’s start from the scratch, allowing kids to dismantle and assemble Legos, toys, clay etc. It’s one of the surest ways their minds are quizzed to be thinkers, creators and innovators.”

  • What advice would you give to anyone trying to transition into STEM careers?

“I’d say find your passion; that one thing that excites you. STEM is a heroic field to venture into. With your knowledge of this, add some life skills, some business skills, some communication skills, and you are good to go!”