Levers in Heels’ 100 African Women in STEM Fighting COVID-19

Levers in Heels’ 100 African Women in STEM Fighting COVID-19
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2.  Elodie Nonga (Cameroon)

Elodie Nonga

Elodie Nonga and her team at WETECH (Women In Entrepreneurship and Technology) have developed a chatbot called Sandra – CovidInfos237 to help the Cameroonian public in its fight against COVID-19 with rapid diagnostic tests.

“Our interactive chat tool is easy and convenient to use. Sandra allows people to do a rapid diagnostic test. This is done through a set of questions assessing your symptoms. It provides information on the emergency numbers to call if necessary or according to your results. Sandra also gives real-time and official information about the Covid-19 in Cameroon and highlights local community initiatives fighting the coronavirus.” – Elodie Nonga

Elodie Nonga is a Tech Entrepreneur and Digital Communication Consultant based in Cameroon. She is the Founder of EN Group, a company designing programs for Community Development. She also Founded WETECH (Women in Entrepreneurship and Technology – wwww.we-tech.org) to support women through Mentorship, Opportunity, and Capacity Building in Entrepreneurship and Technology. She has trained more than 300 youth Cameroonians in Digital Communication.