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Selina Naana Egyir on Natural Resource Management

Africa as a whole has vast natural resources, and if well managed, can be a major force in global affairs. But ...
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Selasi Dankwa Fighting Malaria in the Lab

Till today, Malaria still represents a major health burden, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Efforts to put an end to Malaria have been ...
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STEM and Social Architecture with Kuukuwa Manful

Though not your "typical" STEM field, architecture intriguingly combines all aspects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, with art and design ...
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GhScientific is the Voice of Ghana’s Science Community – Hephzi Angela Tagoe

Over the past decades, economic corruption in Africa has led to the decline of government structures and resources for science education. Furthermore, we can ...
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Special Feature / Guest Contribution

Sexism in Nursing is a Problem, But Not Like You Think

We all know that sexism, gender stereotypes, and prejudice have hurt different groups throughout history, particularly women. It kept women ...
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