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Lucy Quist is the Bold New Normal

Lucy Quist is an international business leader and technology professional committed to advocating for greater participation of young people in ...
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Pursuing a Career in Medicine – Luise Nghiueuelekwa

Luise Nghiueuelekwa was born in a small village called Iikuku, in the Northern part of Namibia, where she had her ...
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Ivy Barley’s ‘Developers in Vogue’ is Creating a Relevant Community of Female Developers #LetASisterKnow

Ivy Barley is a determined young Ghanaian woman passionate about empowering African women to pursue careers in technology. She is the co-founder ...
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Special Feature / Guest Contribution

Sexism in Nursing is a Problem, But Not Like You Think

We all know that sexism, gender stereotypes, and prejudice have hurt different groups throughout history, particularly women. It kept women ...
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