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Unilever Ghana’s Process Manager, Christabel Ofori
Chemical engineers are absolutely necessary in the manufacturing processes of a variety of products women use every day, including food, cosmetics, clothing, electronic goods, and medicine. Hence, who better to ...
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Ghana’s first female amphibian biologist
Meet Sandra Owusu-Gyamfi. She is Ghana’s First Female Amphibian Biologist. Sandra is Programmes Co-ordinator of Save The Frogs! Ghana - the leading amphibian research and conservation group in West Africa, and ...
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Samira Ali – One of Ghana’s few female ROV pilot technicians
Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are robots used to conduct various undersea tasks in support of a wide range of industries including scientific research, and oil and gas exploration. These robots are ...
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Freda Yawson on problem solving and innovation
In an article originally published by the Skoll World Forum, Dr. Mo Ibrahim, a Sudanese-British mobile communications entrepreneur – founder of Celtel, blamed the inability of Africans to solve their ...
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