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Ivy Barley’s ‘Developers in Vogue’ is creating a relevant community of female developers
Ivy Barley is a determined young Ghanaian woman passionate about empowering African women to pursue careers in technology. She is the co-founder ...
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Ghana’s Nancy Abu-Bonsrah is Johns Hopkins’ first black female neurosurgeon resident
Nancy Abu-Bonsrah is making waves and history as the first black female neurosurgeon resident at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine ...
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Rwandan genocide survivor – Claudine Humure on changing prosthetics for the developing world
Claudine Humure is a remarkable Rwandan genocide survivor whose story includes losing a leg to cancer and falling in love ...
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Nneile Nkholise on leading South Africa’s prosthetic industry
At just 27, Nneile Sandra Alexandrina Nkholise is founder and director of iMED Tech Group, a South African company which uses ...
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Judith Adem Owigar on inspiring Kenyan women in Tech
Although women still remain largely underrepresented in Kenya’s flourishing tech scene, there appears to be a handful of extraordinary females paving the way for more women ...
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Esther Ngumbi – Education is the gateway to ending poverty
According to the World Bank, the quality of education offered within a country is a strong indicator of its economic ...
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