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Patricia Monthe on delivering Universal Healthcare Coverage in developing countries
Patricia Monthe is the Cameroonian founder and CEO of MEDx Care, an eHealthCenter that combines health, technology and innovation in ...
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Nuclear Scientist, Nomso Faith Kana on improving broadband infrastructure in South Africa
Nomso Faith Kana is a nuclear scientist by trade and the founder of Sun n Shield 84 Technologies, a fibre ...
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Lucy Quist is the Bold New Normal
Lucy Quist is an international business leader and technology professional committed to advocating for greater participation of young people in ...
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Luise Nghiueuelekwa on pursuing a career in medicine
Luise Nghiueuelekwa was born in a small village called Iikuku, in the Northern part of Namibia, where she had her ...
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Ivy Barley’s ‘Developers in Vogue’ is creating a relevant community of female developers
Ivy Barley is a determined young Ghanaian woman passionate about empowering African women to pursue careers in technology. She is the co-founder ...
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Ghana’s Nancy Abu-Bonsrah is Johns Hopkins’ first black female neurosurgeon resident
Nancy Abu-Bonsrah is making waves and history as the first black female neurosurgeon resident at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine ...
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