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Ivy Barley’s ‘Developers in Vogue’ is creating a relevant community of female developers
Ivy Barley is a determined young Ghanaian woman passionate about empowering African women to pursue careers in technology. She is the co-founder ...
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Ghana’s Nancy Abu-Bonsrah is Johns Hopkins’ first black female neurosurgeon resident
Nancy Abu-Bonsrah is making waves and history as the first black female neurosurgeon resident at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine ...
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My internship experience at Ghana’s National Prosthetic and Orthotic Centre
Have you ever been in the situation where as a student you watched YouTube tutorial videos and felt that all your ...
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Low Participation of women in STEM; Reasons and solutions
Did the #STEMherAfrica discussions happen ? They certainly did! And if you missed it, we've prepared a summary of what went ...
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