Low Participation of women in STEM; Reasons and solutions

Low Participation of women in STEM; Reasons and solutions
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Did the #STEMherAfrica discussions happen ? They certainly did! And if you missed it, we’ve prepared a summary of what went down.

As a part of its mission, Levers in Heels hosted its maiden Twitter Chat to discuss the “Low participation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM): Reasons & Solutions” on Saturday, July 9. This was done in partnership with The Africa In Me, a Pan African integration platform that shares African values, culture, development and unity.

The live event focused on the reasons behind the few numbers of women in STEM careers, and solutions imparted by special guests:

Lucy Quist, CEO of Airtel Ghana, Farida Bedwei,  Co-founder and CTO of Logiciel Ghana, Anne Nutsuklo, Co-founder of mySME Portal, Regina Honu, Founder of Soronko Solutions, Anie Akpe, Founder of Innov8tiv Magazine & IBOM LLC, Esther Ngumbi, Founder of Spring  Break Kenya, Rasheeda Yehuza, Founder of Nasara Tech, Lianne du Toit, Co Vice Chairperson of The Silicon Cape Initiative, Aneth David, Next Einstein Forum (NEF) Ambassador for Tanzania, Judith Owigar, Co-founder of AkiraChix, Florence Toffa, Director at Mobile Web Ghana and Ethel Cofie, CEO of EDEL Technology Consulting & Founder of Women In Tech Africa.

The discussion started with our first question:

Q1: What do you think accounts for women’s lower participation in STEM careers compared to men in your country?


Contributions from some of our guests:

Other people from across the industry joined in on the discussion.

Next we moved on to Africa’s weak policies towards women, asking our guests:

Q2: Gender inequality is a major concern in most African countries. What are some strategies we can put in place to strengthen our weak policies towards the advancement of girls and women in STEM?


Contributions from some of our guests:

We had some enlightening suggestions from others as well.

We got personal with our next question:

Q3: What is the biggest challenge you have had to face as a woman in STEM?


Contributions from some of our guests:

Other challenges had to be addressed.

And finally, we ended the chat with the question:

Q4: How should we encourage young women to consider and embrace STEM careers?


Contributions from some of our guests:

Contributions from others.


In all the chat was a great success, and we would like to thank our guests and everyone else who joined us.

Our goal is to voice out the issues surrounding African women in STEM and come up with real solutions to these issues. Hence, we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting more of these discussions on a quarterly basis. We look forward to yet another exciting chat in October!