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Levers in Heels’ 100 African Women in STEM Fighting COVID-19
As the world continues to fight the unparalleled challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, African women in STEM are yet again demonstrating their leadership in their various communities and ...
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South Africa’s Jayshree Naidoo on Supporting the Growth of Innovative and Tech-Driven Startups
Jayshree Naidoo is considered a thought leader on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the CEO of YIEDI, a company that focuses on Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation. She was recently identified as ...
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Jennifer Ogumbor-Larbi on Transitioning and Translating Creativity to a Tech Career
Meet Jennifer Ogumbor-Larbi, a Nigerian-born, Canadian raised Digital Content Creator, and one of Canada's top lifestyle influencers. As Editor-in-Chief of The Jeneralist, Jennifer creatively and openly shares places and spaces, ...
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